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Farmington Connecticut 2008


According to the records, Deacon Stephen Hart and his family set out with Thomas Hooker and others, and traveled from the Boston area to Hartford Connecticut c-1639. Records indicate that they traveled overland! Can you imagine the trip? He later was one of the original settlers of Farmington Connecticut in 1672. Records indicate that Stephen was born in 1602/1603 in Saint Nichols Parish, Ipswich, England, and emmigrated to Braintree, Massachusetts c-1632


Map of early Farmington. Authenticity not known. Notice John Hart House (now the Deming House). If the house was in fact built in 1740, it must have been the fourth or fifth generation "John" who built it. The Mill, according to the current owner, is the authentic 17th century "Hart Mill" Map
Photo of exterior of mill 2008 Photo of interior of mill. Don't know the age of the machinery. Probably later than the original.. 2008
  Second Photo of interior of mill. 2008. The wooden frame looks to me like it could be original 17th century.
"John Hart House 1740". this is now identified as the "Deming House" From the web 2008
Earlier photo of the "Hart Deming House" From the web 2008